Crichton-Clark blew up, but what happened to Jason & Robin?  I know they have to live, but still.

Okay, so Stavros is dead again, regrettably.  And Helena was the one to take the embryo.

I love Britt’s new haircut.

So did Stavros actually survive?  We didn’t actually see who was walking around and spotted his and Lulu’s embryo.

*Happy squeals*  Helena!  My Helena lives to do evil another day!

I would absolutely LOVE a book about the different wizarding schools around the world.

Yay, my girl Lea is safe!

I’m okay with Michael being safe.  He still has to prove himself, though.

Betsey is so sweet and vibrant.  She needs to stay at least another week

Thank the dancing gods that Lolo was the one to go!

Glad that Lolo is in jeopardy.  She got to go!

Really? Former ballerina Lea, who was fantastic last night is in jeopardy, while nobody Bethany is safe?  WTF?


Could Nathan’s father be the (feared by Helena) Valentin/Valentine Cassadine?

That could be a nice twist.  Nathan would still be a Cassadine.  And we would finally be able to put a face to Valentin (after 5 years), who hates Spencers and Cassadines alike.  If Helena was afraid of Mikkos’ bastard son, you know he is dangerous and it would make us understand why Liesl Obrecht would kill to protect that secret and her son.  And it could still give us a story that involves all the (remaining) Cassadines and maybe the whole town of Port Charles.