Encountering the Borg for the first time.  I didn’t realize this foe would appear so early in the show.

Whoa.  Niles is James Moriarty?  I’m loving “Elementary, Dear Data”.  Brent Spiner had to be having so much fun during this episode.

Julian Bashir is Doran Martell!  I’m already so excited about the next season of Game of Thrones!

Sorry, Lucy.  But when it comes to Scott, I’m strictly on Team Bobbie.

Currently watching Star Trek: Enterprise and reading Jane Eyre.  I’m trying to be productive for once and keep going with my Star Trek marathon.

Finished the first season finale of Star Trek: Voyager this afternoon.  I wasn’t sure at first, but Voyager has grown on me.

As it has been over a year since I’ve watched Star Trek: Enterprise, I’ve decided to rewatch the first season of it before I proceed with the second season of any Star Trek show.

And as all the Star Trek episodes seem to be on cbs.com, I’ve decided to watch them there instead of on Hulu.  However, I will rate all the episodes on Hulu.

Watching Lwaxana Troi lusting after Odo is bizarre and should make for a fun episode.

Franco x Nina?

So, a scene in today’s General Hospital has me potentially shipping two characters that I don’t even like.  I really enjoyed that scene where Franco and Nina were talking about hearing voices that wanted them to hurt people.  I like Franina/Frina/Ninco (?) so much better than Cranco and Silas/Nina (do they have a name?).  Of course, I would be happy if both characters died/were written out.  Anyone else have any thoughts about this?

I prefer Next Generation and Enterprise over DS9 so far. But I feel DS9 is still better than the original series. Still have to check out Voyager, though. Also watched Star Trek: Insurrection this morning.

I’m just finishing the episode where Tasha Yar dies.  I admit that I’m not much of a Yar fan, as her character had the least personality of the whole first season cast.  But when the crew is watching her hologram and she tells them how much they mean to her, I’m sitting here nearly in tears.