Observations on the Second Life of One Life to Live: Chapter 1, Part 3

I watched the third episode twice because it was so good and I needed to see it again to do my post.

  • Loving the Victor scenes!
  • It’s official: Dorian is the Senate’s fall guy.
  • Dani comes to and is appropriately freaked out by seeing Victor.
  • Still no explanation of how he is alive considering Todd remembers (or thinks he does) shooting him.  All that is said so far is Allison Perkins held him and Victor implies that there were others involved.  I hope this gets cleared up by the end of Chapter 1.
  • Loved Todd/Viki’s conversation.
  • Carly and her relationship with Todd is briefly mentioned (no names, of course).  Todd referred to her as high maintenance - ain’t that the truth!  Viki is surprised he can say that after Blair.
  •  Todd can see that Matthew is interested in Dani.
  • David has great dialogue.
  • Apparently, Jeffrey is helping Viki take The Banner online (Prospect Park taking soaps online reference, as well as newspapers are a dying medium).
  • Loved Sam teaching David how to text the right way!  Patrick J. Gibbons is still adorable!
  • Dorian tries to warn Blair off Todd for the umpteenth time.
  • Dorian, David, and Blair strategize.  Dorian wants to do as much TV to give her side of the story.
  • Tea, Victor, and Dani have a nice little reunion.
  • Todd and Dani talk.  He wants to be there for his daughter and help her.  Todd CAN be a good dad, when he isn’t screwing up.  She is on drugs because she feels invisible since Tea is wallowing in her grief over losing the baby and left to search for Tomas.  She blames Todd for this.
  • Jeffrey and Matthew apartment shop online.
  • Nora wants to apologize but Matthew doesn’t want to hear it.  Nora tries to explain to him that she sees so many bad things in her job and as a parent, she wants to protect him.
  • Very touching Viki/Victor scene, but it was a bit short.
  • Tea warns Matthew that if she catches Dani on drugs again and Matthew knows, then he better look out.
  • Favorite line: “David, they want me on Meet the Press”.  ”Dorian, meet the press.”
  • Dorian makes a crack about the American public (which can be a bit honest in some cases) when arguing with Viki, leading to David and Blair trying to “clarify” what she meant to the journalist.
  • Viki, ever the peacemaker, came to Dorian wanting to be the one to cover Dorian’s resignation because she broke the story of the CIA document scandal.  Unfortunately, Dorian has no intention of resigning or speaking to Viki.
  • Bo and Nora start to deal with pros (alone time) and cons (quiet) of not having a kid in the house.
  • I a bit feel sorry for Todd because he never had a chance to know Dani (or Jack for that matter) and she has the father figure she want in his twin who lived his live for 8 years.
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